Our story initially began in Taiwan, when company co-founder KhaliQ Jabbar decided to study abroad and attended the National Chengchi University. There Khaliq enjoyed the opportunity to experience some of the best Asian soups and Teas. That experience sparked not only his curiosity for Teas but also made him think about Tea as a business. KhaliQ noticed that Tea was an integral part of Taiwanese culture. Finishing up his Bachelor’s degree back in the United States, KhaliQ decided to attend University of the West Indies in Trinidad and Tobacco to obtain a Master’s degree in International Studies. Their KhaliQ experience exotic fruits and unique combinations of foods that lead him to start working on a Tea brand.

After obtaining his master’s KhaliQ relocated to the states to begin working on his business plan. After identifying the type of tea and taste he desired, KhaliQ then spent months creating different combination of Teas attempting to blend a tea to make his body feel good. KhaliQ spent countless hours in the kitchen brewing unique combinations of teas. After working on a specific combination, KhaliQ reached out to his father to assist him with looking for a manufacturing partner. The universe obliges those who are persistent and his dad found a manufacture back in Memphis whom is considered a Master Brewer.



Miwha branded teas are crafted in small batches by our Master Brewer. This is done to insure the uniqueness of taste and purity of the quality. Creating perfectly balanced teas is an art and science. Our tea boosts and fortifies the immune system while providing energy and valuable nutrients. This allows the body to combat disease, detox the body and cleanse the liver. On top of all the good stuff that Miwha branded teas does for the body, it also tastes great.