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How much sugar is in Miwha branded teas?

There are 11 grams of sugar per serving. Maintaining a healthy well -balanced lifestyle is essential at Miwha branded teas. Our drinks are perfect for those who enjoy great tasting cold teas, health conscious and tired of all the sugary drinks that eventually overwhelms the body.

How many bottles should you consume per day?

We recomend that you consume one bottle per day for 5 days to provide maximun benefit.

How can we obtain best results by consuming Miwha branded teas?

It's recommended that you adhere to a healthy low-fat diet complete with proper nutrician and scheduled daily exercise.

Can you consume Miwha branded tea on a empty stomach?

This product can be consumed with or without food. However everyone body tolerance to herbal medicine is different. We suggest that this product is consumed with food to suppress the possibility of cramping and slight stomach irritation.

Is this product Gluten Free?

Miwha branded teas contain 100% natural ingredients. Our teas are plant based, utilize all natural herbs, no additives, no perservatives and no fillers.